Bishop Queen Empowerment Ministries aims to educate women, spiritually, economically and physically from all walks of life, giving them the confidence they need to move forward and increasing their capacity as individuals to make healthy choices to advice in their careers, business, education, regain a home for themselves and families and improve their quality of life.


Our vision is to let every woman discover their hidden value and to put it to use to the furthest and to exercise the right and values in society.

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Through facilitations of workshops, conferences, teaching and seminars on issues relevant to women and young adults.

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Read and Meet about our women with diverse backgrounds and stories including our very own and amazing founder, Bishop Queen.

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About Bishop Queen

Bishop Queen is the founder of BQWEM  and serves as a senior consultant and advisor for many global organisations. As a life coach and mentor, Bishop Queen has a passion for helping abused women and children. It is her heart’s desire for women to come together as a one to set an atmosphere of relational well-being.