Our vision is to let every woman discover their hidden value and to put it to use to the furthest. Secondly, to create a self-satisfaction, confidence and to understand that a woman is unique and was made partners to assist to make this world a better place rather than to be seen as a lower version of men. Our aim is to define education with women in mind to train and develop our women to exercise the right and values in society.


Strategically focus’ on relationships between women, whether it is mother to daughter, sister to sister, or friend to friend. Our mission is to touch, involve, encircle and empower the lives of women by the transforming power of Jesus Christ that creates the highest potential within a woman spiritually, emotional, physically, and intellectually. Women empowerment aims to educate women, spiritually, economically and physically from all walks of life, giving them the confidence they need to move forward and increasing their capacity as individuals to make healthy choices to advice in their careers, business, education, regain a home for themselves and families and improve their quality of life.

Every woman should discover their hidden value and to put it to use to the furthest. We educate women from all walks of life to exzude the confidence required to move forward and increase their capacity in life.

Our Vision and Mission