Through facilitations of workshops, conferences, teaching and seminars on issues relevant to women and young adults and we train them to attain the necessary privileges as listed here.


We let our women from all walks of life understand that, it is never too late to following their dreams as long as they are in Christ.


This is offered to young women and girls, encouraging their involvement, and creating paths for them as they reach for their potential in Christ.


This is a pivotal key to empowering women of our generation from the young to the elderly. It is our mission to empower through education to enrich the understanding of all women.


We are against all forms of abuse on any human being and it is our duty as a community to empower especially abused women to see their value and worth to break the chain of abuse for their children.


We provide an atmosphere for women to develop their gifts, abilities, and lasting relationships. This encapsulates personal, leadership, economic and career development.

Impactful training, team building and collaboration is attained to help women find their places of ministry and effectively work side by side to further the mission.


With the numerous amount of pain and health risks a woman will go through in her lifetime, we have years of experience and expertise regarding Women's Health which our women benefit from.

Financial stability is imperative in this modern world. We offer financial advice and support to women with different financial circumstances.


We serve our women and ensure they have the best support publically and legally. We pride ourselves in having strong networking capabilities and solutions.